The Bazaar by Jose Andres (Los Angeles, CA)

After a day in LA and finally visiting The Broad and seeing that balloon dog, my friends planned a dinner at the Bazaar inside SLS South Beach. Having dined here on recommendation and not because of Yelp reviews or my own research, I had no predilection about this place, other than that Jose Andres had won some James Beard awards. All I knew was that I was in for an experience, and that's just what I got! I've been gone from Edesian Feast for a while due to my studies, but it's not every day I get to go fancy for dinner so I thought I'd share, especially since DineLA is going on and they're one of the restaurants participating.

The parking not-so-myths are true-- street parking is pretty terrible around the area, and valet is about $16 if you're dining at The Bazaar. Strange that they charge different prices for the different venues in the hotel.

I can only say that the ambience is curious, with curated pieces of baroque inspired furniture and lighting as well as fancy but rustic benches. There's even a shop to one side... As a whole, the spacing was a little strange, but the overall ambience trendy with a little bit of romantic.

For food, we chose to go with many of the recommendations made by our waiter, including the philly cheesesteak and cotton candy foie gras. The burst of cheese in the first was delicious, but was a bit too cheesy even for a cheese lover like me. The "steak" part of the cheesesteak was an amazing, thin sliced steak that was indescribably delicious. The texture of the foie gras was surprising, both fluffy and crunchy on the inside. It was surprisingly good, even though I don't tend to like sweet in traditionally savory food.

We also ordered the mushroom wild rice, which was again a bit on the cheesy side, but still good. The sea urchin steamed buns were quite delicious and had so much flavor packed into a small bun, but it was so unfortunately small. My favorites were the Jamon croquetas and the grilled Spanish octopus, the latter which came with two sauces that were so good we didn't leave a drop! We had a couple other dishes and some showy drinks (LN2 Caipirinha and "Magic" Mojito), which were fun. While my only complaint is their choices of overly strong cheese, they've definitely put thought into creating complex flavors and mouthfeel for each dish, which is why I'd definitely be interested in trying their dessert one day!

Sorry, no photos of the food (yet), and the lighting was rather dark I don't know if I could do the food justice! But I really liked this piece of art on the wall...


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