Blue Dot Donuts (New Orleans, LA)

I recently lost my hard drive which stored basically my whole photo collection - and no, I hadn't backed it up on a second drive - so they are ALL GONE.  I was able to capture a few screen shots of photos that decided to stay un-pixelated on Lightroom, but all the "good" ones are gone.  In attempt to stop my grieving, here is my woe-is-me post while I eat my delicious donut.

I'm not the biggest donut eater in the world, possibly because I don't usually do much sweets (thankfully), and I enjoy original glazed donuts almost exclusively, but I have found myself making a stop at Blue Dot more often than I should.  What hooked me?  Their maple bacon long johns and blueberry donuts.

My favorite is the maple bacon, though it is on the sweeter side.  Let's not forget the bacon fat sitting in the glaze that oozes with every bite, but nevertheless, this is one of the items that I always get when i'm at Blue Dot.  I think it's the balance between the savory bacon and the sweet glaze that does it for me.  The blueberry donut (not the blueberry glaze)  is another of my favorites because... blueberries are delicious!  A lesser known flavor they have is wedding cake, and while it's not my pick, I have a friend who loves their wedding cake donut!

Another item they have during Mardi Gras season is the King Cake donut, which is possibly my favorite king cake out there - just cause it's a king cake AND a donut!  The texture is less dense than a king cake itself and just like a donut, with sugar sprinkles on top! Mmm...

The location of this Blue Dot is away from most other businesses and restaurants - but this does make the parking a bit easier. There is as five dollar minimum for credit card charges, which can sometimes be inconvenient, but hey, more donuts for everyone!  But apparently not enough to last till closing time since they start running out late morning!  

There is some seating indoors and out, and though this is a classic donut joint, it's a place where people sit around to enjoy a cuppa with their scrumptilicious donuts.  As for me - I am at home enjoying mine with some coffee while listening to Birdy's Fire Within.

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $

Tip: Five dollar min on credit card; go before 11am to view their full selection (especially on weekends)

Blue Dot (Website)

4301 Canal St
New OrleansLA 70119
#: (504) 218-4866
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