The Halal Guys (New York City, NY, USA)

First night in New York I was out with a friend and after having flown in from New Orleans, and needless to say I was hungry!  A friend had suggested The Halal Guys to me, and sure enough, I found myself in proximity to their stand in the city.  The stand is a bit hard to find when you don't know what you're looking for, as it's away from all the lights in Times Square, but it's still close enough of a walk, and they have a big sign with "Halal Guys" written on it.

I got their chicken plate, as directed by my friend, and for less than $10, it was a whole lotta food!  Especially for NYC.  I don't eat like a mouse (ie. very little) and there was still quite a bit left for my friend to munch on.  The flavor was decent, a little salty for my liking, but somehow very addicting!  And no, I did not have any alcohol that night.  It definitely was not the most amazing chicken and rice that I've had, but I can see it being better than bad pizza while drunk in the Big Apple.  With that being said, hot food is always delicious on a cold night, and if you're into spicy, their hot sauce will definitely warm you up!

The Halal Guys is a food truck so there are no seats and some people mind that, but there are some buildings with stairs that you can sit on during off-hours.  Overall, not a bad place to grab some grub if you don't want to dish out that dough in Times Square.

Price: less than $10/order
Rating: 4/5

The Halal Guys (Website)
SE Corner of 53rd and 6th
New York, NY 10019
Midtown West, Theatre District
#: (347) 527-1505
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