Sarabeth's (Central South Park, CA)

Now that my posts are all jumbled and it's almost been a month since I was in NYC, I'm finally getting around to posting about all the delicious, beautiful food I ate.  Here is the first of my series from the Big Easy to the Big Apple.

Breakfast (or brunch) is my favorite meal of the day, as I've mentioned many times before, so naturally, my first proper meal was exactly that!  Where is my first, and unfortunately, only real brunch stop?  Sarabeth's, of course!  I say of course because if you know me, I'm secretly (or not so secretly) a huge fan of Gossip Girl, and this is one of their favorite destinations.

I had my usual latte to start, then finally decided to go all out and order the Crab Cake Benedict (24).  The latte was strong, with lots of fluffy foam (not the usual American latte foam), but nothing too spectacular in my opinion.  While the crab cakes were good, they seemed like they weren't as fresh as they could be.  The flavor was decent and not fishy, and of course it was real crab meat (for $24 one would hope so), but the crust was just stale.  The eggs were a little overcooked for my taste, and the muffins were very stale, but the salad was quite refreshing.  My friend had the Eggs & Kale (17), two eggs over a bed of delicious kale with some almonds.  The almonds were delicious and the dish fresh, but for what you're paying for?  Maybe a tad bit much.  Overall, I wasn't too impressed by my plate, but I'm still glad I came here for the experience.

I feel like I must add that the service is quite good, but the wait for food is long and they only have one bathroom stall.  Maybe this is the New York way - I've noticed many restaurants only have one-toilet bathrooms.  All in all, I was a bit disappointed, but I was pre-warned by overhearing a local say that Sarabeth was "just not as good as it used to be" and has lost some of its charms.

Price: 25-35pp USD or depending on your order and drink | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

Sarabeth's (Website)
40 Central S. Park
New York, NY 10019
#: (212) 826-5959
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