Shane Confectionery (Philadelphia, PA)

Another well known vintage sweet shop in Old Town Philly is Shane Confectionery, which dates back to the 1860's!  Now this place has been around for much longer than its neighbor, Franklin Fountain, and their extensive history includes a move to a different location and back, as well as a reopening in the spot it is in today.  You can read about their extensive history here.

If you haven't read my other posts, I state outright that I'm not the biggest sweet-tooth ever, especially when it comes to candy, so I went to Shane with the purpose of candy-gazing.  And candy-gazing was what I got.  Shane Confectionery is the quintessential vintage candy shop and a dream for any kid, but on top of that, the variety of candies and chocolate they carry is phenomenal for a quite the tiny storefront.  I was flabbergasted by their numerous offerings of lollies, chocolates, truffles, fudges, and even candied popcorn.  The choices I could pick for were a bit overwhelming...

There were so many items I could pick for, I ended up just getting some chocolate.  I probably should have tried their salt water taffy, but I guess there's always a next time!  My only concern is that some of the items look somewhat stale and old, maybe due to the lighting, or maybe due to the large variety they carry, but either way, this place is a must-visit for children and adult alike!
Price: $-$$ | $$ for candy
Rating: 3.5/5
Tip: Buy something here to get 10% off at Franklin Fountain!

Shane Confectionery (Website)
110 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
#: (215) 922-1048
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