Sabrina's Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)

I've been lucky enough to travel during the weeks in between rotations, and this time, I chose Philadelphia!  Why travel the city of brotherly love, you ask?  (And yes, quite a few have asked)  I chose Philadelphia, because for one, it's the second largest city on the East Coast, but more importantly - it's a city full of museums and culture!  I love museums - science museums, art museums, aquariums...I love them all!  I'm greedy and my nerdy side enjoys spending hours in any kind of museum.  But enough of that!  While Sabrina's Cafe isn't the first stop I made on my four day trip to Philadelphia, it was one of the more memorable food stops I made.

I chose this place out of pure popularity on Yelp, Urbanspoon, and just from the "research" I did before traveling to Philly.  I have to admit, I arrived at around 2pm, so I was a bit on the hungrier side and there was no line, so my stop was a pleasant one.  The unfortunate truth of traveling alone is that I can't afford to try as many items (both financially and physically) - but I eventually decided on their popular dish, the huevos rancheros (10.99).  I substituted for sweet potato fries, since those were recommended by Yelpers, and they were indeed delicious!  Everything on my dish looked fresh, from the tortillas to the guacamole.  The ingredients looked fresh, the portion was very generous, and flavors were perfection!  Every part of the dish - the blue corn tortillas, the smoked chorizo, lime sour cream, guacamole, and fried jalapeno - each had its flavor that all balanced out.  There was so much food - but I actually managed to finish most of my dish because it was so delicious and I didn't want to leave any of it uneaten!  Such a glutton, but everything was so delicious, including the sweet potato fries!  They were some of the best sweet potato fries I've ever had.  There was so much food my fries got cold before I got to finish them...

The service was great, and the ambience is pretty cozy - but nothing too special.  Their wall chalkings are cute though!  My only complaint is that their espresso machine and cashier sits awkwardly outside on one side of the wall.  A minor detail, but sitting across from the espresso machine was a little weird...
Price: $-$$ | 10-15USDpp
Rating: 5/5
Tip: Go at off times to avoid lines! And shop the Italian Markets before or after at this location, or visit the other locations!  They even have a kids' menu!

Sabrina's Cafe (Menu)
910 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA19147
#: (215) 574-1599
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