Menagerie Coffee (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Coffee is one of the first things I look for a in city, and Philadelphia is definitely not lacking in what I consider one of the best things in life!  After trying several cafes in this city abundant in cafes, Menagerie Coffee definitely comes out on top.  With a small inconspicuous storefront, this cafe features rustic interiors with simple decor, but obviously experienced baristas.

The beans they use are a delicious roast - not too dark, but still aromatic and strong - making a delicious latte.  They do all sorts of espresso drinks, as well as filter coffee, for those that prefer that.  The baristas are extremely friendly and willing to help when I asked for directions.  I make a mention of this, because I find that more and more, indie (and chain) coffee shops are ridden with snooty hipster baristas that are simply offish.  Another great thing about Menagerie Coffee is that it does have some seating indoors and a couple of seats outside to enjoy the lovely weather of Philadelphia in July.
Price: $
Rating: 5/5 for coffee

Menagerie Coffee
18 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA19106
#: (920) 579-0696
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