St. James Cheese Company (New Orleans, LA)

After many recommendations to the famous St. James Cheese Company, I made my way there one sunny Sunday to discover the hype of fancy grilled cheese.  As much as I try to avoid cheese (due to its links to cardiovascular disease), it finds me in some form or another! I mean, there is a reason my mom nags me to stop eating cheese from halfway across the world.  Nevertheless, I continue consuming one of the Western world’s favorite food items…

This place was packed at around noon-time, seats filled both indoors and out, and there’s even a line to make an order.  The place is bright and natural-lit, reminding me a bit of a seaside café, with outdoor-porch seating and plenty of windows.  They offer sandwiches, mac & cheese, cheese platters, and a variety of cheeses sold on the side. (The truffle brie is the best thing I’ve ever had!) 

Good thing there was a line so I could take my time with a decision!  Everything sounded good, but I finally settled on the Mozzarella sandwich (8.95), which is made with a basil pesto and grilled Fra Mani salami.  The pesto was what sold me, though gruyere would have been my choice of cheese.  My sandwich was nice and warm on a ciabatta and loaded with a generous load of mozzarella, but the salami masked the flavor of the pesto and mozzarella.  I’d opt for the vegetarian option of getting tomato instead, or the Gruyere, which I hear is excellent.  The sandwich came with a salad, which was also loaded with cheese and dressing, which was delicious, but again, slightly overloaded with cheese (and this isn’t just my opinion).  While I understand that St. James specializes in cheese – they could cut back ever so slightly with the cheese.  Surely, our waistlines would appreciate it.

Price: 15USD/person | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5 [4.5/5 for the types of cheese that they carry - especially that truffle brie]

5004 Prytania Street
New Orleans
#: (504) 899-4737
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