Ruby Slipper Cafe (New Orleans, LA)

Though I hadn’t had much time to explore the city of New Orleans until the last few weeks, I made a list of the places I had dined at and came up with a pretty lengthy list.  Ah well, a girl’s got to eat.  And for me – I consume delicious (and fatty) food.

Grabbing brunch has proven to be difficult this year, since I’m left with only the weekends.  I’m on the search for a perfect brunch spot, and Ruby Slipper Café keeps coming up on my radar.  Cafes that have more than one location make me weary, as the quality ends up being variable, but upon a recommendation, I conceded.

Upon arriving, friendly greetings welcomed us into this cozy café.  I ordered my usual latte, along with some French toast and bacon, which I almost never order for breakfast.  I mostly crave something savory like eggs benedict, but today I was in the mood for French toast.  Unfortunately, a cold and slightly stale breakfast was what I received.  Being my graceful self, I had the most difficult time consuming my breakfast with a fork and knife – I was almost ready to use my hands!  Maybe they were having an off day, but it may be some time before I get around to trying this place again.  The latte was decent, but nothing that exceeded my expectations.  The service was excellent – both friendly and attentive – but with that being said, food still comes first.
Price: 15USD/person | $-$$
Rating: 3/5
Tip: Multiple locations throughout New Orleans

Ruby Slipper Cafe (Website)
139 S. Cortez St.
New Orleans, LA 70119
#: (504) 309-5531
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