Merchant (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Searching for more coffee in the city of New Orleans, I trekked out onto the constantly constructed roads to Merchant.  I found myself at a minimalistic cafe with white interiors with a very modern look.  I had myself a latte (3.0) and the 'buon giorno' croissant (8.0) - both of which were decent.  The coffee was dark and strong, but not exactly my taste.  The croissant was just decent, with egg, ham, soppressata, and fontina.  The flavor was nothing special, and the croissant tasted stale.  Perhaps I'm not the biggest fan of fancy deli meats, but nevertheless, it didn't even compare to Satsuma's green eggs and ham croissant.  On top of that, the girls at the counter weren't friendly and the cafe filled with them gossiping over the spaciness in the cafe.
buon giorno

Price: 10-15USD/person | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

Merchant (Website)
800 Common Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
#: (504) 571-9580
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