Caffe Concerto (Koreatown, Los Angeles, LA)

Having acquired a taste for macarons, I now find it a must to try macarons in cities I visit.  I'm still searching for one that compares to those of Laduree, but I'm convinced it's impossible to beat their flavor, mouthfeel, and packaging.  Either way, I continue looking...
I was recommended this cute, picturesque cafe that looks like a setting in an Asian drama by my cousin.  Inside and out, Caffe Concerto is a cozy cafe that feels a bit like a royal cottage.  For sweets, I only had their macarons (though quite a few of them), and I would say they are an overall 3/5.  The flavors of the macarons were lacking since their centers all tasted like a milk filling, which was a bland.  Their specialty half and half flavors are quite interesting and inventive, but the flavor itself just wasn't that impressive.  I was rather impressed by the mouthfeel, since the macarons were actually a good amount of chewy in the center, and of course the presentation was a 5/5.  The colors of the macarons and the box they came in were the best part!  [Asian packaging is the best]

The service was great and the ambience of the cafe are also awesome, and of course, my Intelligentsia latte was great.  If I ever had time, I'd probably come back to dine-in, relax, and have me some afternoon tea. 
Price: $$
Rating: 3-3.5/5 for macarons, overall 4/5

610 S Serrano Ave.
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA 90005
#: (213) 738-0909
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