300! No, it's not an army of men...

Today marks my first 300 posts on Edesian Feast!  While it's not some dandy cause for celebration where I'm being fed free food (I wish) - I find myself gaining a little more clout in this nebulous world of food blogging.  I started Edesian Feast because of an encouragement of a friend - and I'm continuing it because food is what I love.  Food is universal, food is essential, and food is the way to everyone's heart (or so I like to believe).  I wonder sometimes if Edesian Feast is being seen by anyone other than me and my mum - but whether it's the content or the photos, I hope it tips some scales on deciding where to eat.  After all, part of my foodie philosophy is to never let fate decide what you will eat.

I'm passionate about food - from my Nutritional Science degree from Cal to finding the best burgers in town.  I'm continuously looking for great food, great company to share it with - and maybe Tabelog, which I joined today, will drive that even more!  I already squander enough time on Yelp and Urbanspoon, and now I'm adding another foodie site to my network.  Uh, oh!  All in search of the best foods in the world...

Anyway, to celebrate by myself, here are some of foodie highlights, and the bear(s) that started it all.
Hog Island Oyster Co. in San Francisco 
Patricia in Melbourne, VIC, Australia 
Taceaux Loceaux in New Orleans, Louisiana
Cochon in New Orleans, Louisiana
Sourced Grocer in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Sourced Grocer, Brisbane, QLD, AUS 
Cheese Board, Berkeley, CA, USA
Gregoire's, Berkeley, CA, USA
Bear Bones Espresso, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Le Petit Gateau, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Bruxie, Orange, CA, USA (My hometown!)
Criniti's, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Aunt Stella's, Taichung, Taiwan
Dazzling Cafe Mint, Taipei, Taiwan
Gramercy, Brisbane, QLD, Australia (My most frequented cafe in Brissy!) 
Paladar Fumior Salon, Brisbane, QLD, AUS

Best Of Edesian Feast