Dat Dog (Uptown New Orleans, LA, USA)

Another hotspot in New Orleans that I have made a return on is Dat Dog, a sausage joint with drinks and the biggest variety of sausages you'll ever find.  They serve alligator, andouille, crawfish, and even duck!  One of the first people I met here recommended me their bacon cheddar ranch fries - which are heavenly, but deadly.  But I will recommend it to ya'll, for the sake of your (un)health.

Dat Dog lets you create your own, or you can "chef" it and let them create a dog for you.  Their condiments are endless, and the combinations are even more so.  I am a duck-lover, so on my first visit, I had the Duck Sausage, but was a little disappointed. (It didn't taste like duck one bit and was textureless).  I've been waiting the crawfish dog to be in season, but smoked sausage isn't too bad either.

The ambience is full of bright colors and is the perfect hangout for anyone and everyone! (Except the bar, of course)  The Uptown location is spacious, with both indoor and outdoor seating - complete with TVs, if that's your kind of thing while you grab a drink...
Price: $-$$ | 10-15USD/person
Rating: 4/5 for their innovation
Tip: Personalize your 'dog'

Dat Dog (Website)
5030 Freret Street (Uptown)
New Orleans, LA 70115
#: (504) 899-6883
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