Cochon (New Orleans, LA, USA)

One of the first restaurants I visited upon arriving in New Orleans was Cochon, a place I had heard of before even being in the city.  I had great expectations, and yes, some of them were met, but some were most definitely not.  This New American style restaurant specializes in pork, as their name suggests.  Wooden interiors with a half open kitchen reminds me of the architecture of many restaurants in California and makes me just a bit homesick...

For the most part, their flavors are innovative and remind me quite a bit of restaurants in Berkeley and their philosophy on food.  Most of their dishes are best had tapas style, which is another reason why I initially fell in love with this spot.  Growing up in Taiwan, sharing many dishes of food is just too natural to me!  My favorite was their fried alligator with chili garlic mayo (10), which was a battered alligator with a delicious and warm mayo served with parsley.  I must say though, the second time I ordered this dish, I got mostly batter, and the mayo didn't taste the same.  The braised pork cheeks (11) erred on the salty side, and wasn't spectacular.  The pork and black eyed pea gumbo (7) was quite delicious, especially with the kale, but again, was a bit salty.

My first experience was not bad, but the second time I visited, my whole table had a bit of the stomach flu (4 for 4).  The service was great the first and terrible the second, and so I wonder at the inconsistency.  My biggest pet peeve of a restaurant is inconsistency, and Cochon was exactly that.
Fried Alligator
Complimentary bread!
Pork and black eyed pea gumbo
Price: $$ | 20-30USD/pp
Rating: 3.5/5
Tip: Make a reservation!

Cochon (Website)
930 Tchopitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
#: (504)  588-2123
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