Cochon Butcher (New Orleans, LA, USA)

Another famous New Orleans foodie landmark is Cochon and its sister shop Cochon Butcher.  I had tried Cochon in the first few days of getting in to New Orleans, and decided that I needed to give this place a try.  With modern and warm decor, similar to the theme of that next door, Cochon Butcher is a place you want to arrive to early!  It was bustling when we arrived, and while the service is fairly quick, seats can be hard to come by around lunchtime.

They are mainly a sandwich shop, offering about twelve different sandwiches (unfortunately all have meat, if not most).  They also offer side dishes such as potato salad, cole slaw, pimento cheese sliders, and grilled brussel sprouts.  We had the potato salad, which was made with dill, dijon, mustard seeds, and green spring onions.  The potato salad and brussel sprout sides were probably everyone's favorite, as the sliders were subpar, and the cole slaw that I had was pretty flavorless.  It didn't taste much like cole slaw, but rather like chopped up cabbage with watered down mayo drizzled on top.  The grilled brussel sprouts were suitably flavorful and not bitter at all, as some tend to be after being grilled.

I had the BBQ Pork (9), a Carolina styled pulled pork with slaw.  I had expected a little more innovation or even complexity to the meat and slaw itself, but the sandwich was nevertheless satisfying.  The pickles on the side, were however, not my taste at all!  And I usually love dill pickles with sandwiches and burgers... These were too sweet and just strangely flavored.

On my second visit, I had the Gambino (10), which was a salami sandwich with arugula, and jalapeno peppers that were a bit too spicy for me!  The sandwich was much more flavorful than the BBQ Pork, and in a good way.  Though a bit salty, it was definitely the better out of the two that I've had so far.

The service is a bit slow for takeout, and the seating is a bit lacking, but otherwise, I would return for their meats, as Cochon Butcher also offers a variety of uncooked sausages and meats, which could be perfect for adding some flavor to a home-cooked meal.

Price: 10-15USD/person | $-$$
Rating: inconsistently 3 or 4/5 depending on the item

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
CBD Warehouse District
#: (504) 588-7675
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