End of the Year Shenanigans, On Instagram (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

I'm officially done with that [damn] test - and with the city of Brisbane for that matter... This eating machine is moving onto larder things! (I kid)  New Orleans, here I come!  But before that, here are some of the highlights of the past few months I've been missing.
1. Merriweather Cafe with the girls
2. Discovery of all things Moroccan and lamb @ Ben's Alibi
3. Gramercy - my #1 visited cafe in Brisbane! The beef cheek tacos were my all-time fave!
4. Yelp Brisbane's Giddy Up Photo Walk Elite Event! Awesome event (as always)!
5. Paladar Fumior Salon - a Cuban getaway with coffee and cigars
6. Mount Coot-tha lookout - one of the first places I was brought to when I first arrived in Brisbane!
7. A sketch I made during the very first week of my degree @UQ
8. Finally made it to Byron Bay! Perfect weather in November...
9. Commonest item on a breakfast menu here - avocado toast!  Last fooding trip with my fellow Yelper Terry @Bear Bones
10. Last Yelp Elite event @ Cork and Chroma - my first painting ever!
11. Alen's Espresso - kept me awake throughout class many-a-time
12. Kiss the Berry - new pop-up (and now permanent) shop serving acai bowls!
13. A very summery Christmas! That I didn't quite celebrate...

Two years in Brisbane has flown by, and not without its hardships, but this time has been challenging and rewarding and unique in many ways... I'm thankful that I didn't get bitten by any box jellies or funnel spiders, nor flooded by the Brisbane River. Oh, and I will definitely miss running along its river!  Goodbye Brisbane, and a happy new year to my readers.  And don't forget to subscribe and follow me in New Orleans! ;D

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