Gregoire's (Berkeley, CA)

One of my favorite places in town, Gregoire's is my go-to place in Berkeley.  This holds true even after graduation, and I find myself back here eating lunch with one of the girls I've known for over eight years.  Because their menu is constantly changing, I always find my tasting experience is always a bit different, though never short of delicious.

On this occasion, I had the chicken sandwich, which was a fried buttermilk chicken filet with a spicy cole slaw on a French roll, which was overall just flavorful goodness.  For those who have had Bakesale Betty's chicken sandwiches - this is better!  Gregoire's flavors tend to be more complex but milder than the vinegary sauce with coarsely chopped lettuce at Bakesale Betty's.  They have a fairly new feature of changing their side salad to friend potato balls, which is exactly what I did!  I couldn't resist, even though the sandwich itself was so filling already.

They seem to have tried to improve their seating - only but a little.  Seating always remains the main issue I have with Gregoire's but there really isn't any place to expand, so I forgive them...

Price: ~9USD/sandwich | $-$$
Rating: 5/5 for lunch

Gregoire's (Website)
2109 Cedar Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94709
#: (510) 883-8193
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