Garaje (San Francisco, CA)

 On a very lovely day in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of meeting a friend at a popular Mexican joint in the SOMA district.  The plan was for Korean food, but I was quite happy that we stopped by Garaje instead!  I do love my Mexican food, and I'm pretty sure this made up for my not eating Chipotle this whole trip (as un-Mexican as that place is).

With a small and assuming entrance, Garaje lives up to its name, with industrial-esque lighting and license plates resembling that which could be in a car garage.  Already taken by the casual ambience, I was confronted by a full menu of delicious sounding food.  I say confronted, because all the choices sounded great, and I it only made my decision more difficult!  I ended up ordering the carnitas zapatos (7), a grilled wrap with meat, salsa, and the works, and fries.  Yes, I said fries.  The wrap toasty, the meat was well flavored, with a nice balance from the salsa.  At first I was hesitant about the fries making my wrap dry, but it was actually good, with the only downside being that the wrap was too filling for me to devour the whole wrap.  I also tried the carne asada fries (8), as our other friend ended up being tied down at work and didn't end up coming for what we ordered for her.  The guacamole was so perfect!  Maybe it's because I haven't had proper guac in a while, but it was absolutely delicious with the carne asada and fries.

I had a bite of the chicken sandwich (of which I forgot the exact name) was also flavored really well, and may have had my favorite seasoning of the three things I had!  I also had a cup of sangria, which really was more of a sangria slush/margarita merge, and it was perfectly refreshing.  Everything I had looked and tasted fresh, which is just another plus.

Garaje is definitely a casual joint I'd recommend to all my friends -with their semi-themed ambience, friendly staff, and their decently priced and well-rounded menu!  And, you should disregard their sign out front - this place is for everyone! (Unless you hate good food)

Price: 10-15 USD for food + drink | $ (for San Francisco)
Rating: 4.5/5
Tip: Bring cash! Or use the ATM inside.

475 3rd. Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
#: (415) 644-0838
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