Delight Garden (San Leandro, CA)

Family dinners are such a joy because I have the pleasure of seeing the many members of my extended family - and of course we always get to eat delicious food!  Usually held at a Chinese restaurant, this time we met at Delight Garden in San Leandro.

Delight Garden looks pretty much like every other Chinese restaurant there is, with tanks of live seafood on the side and a casual yet semi-dressed up family style tables.  They offer a wide variety of seafood, some of which are pretty crazy, like the prawns that we had, which were gigantic!  Quite a few of them had lots of roe (eggs), which was extra delicious.  For those who enjoy that kind of stuff, of course.

We also had many other dishes, including a delicious tofu dish, and my favorite veggie, sugar pea sprouts (think that's what they're called - 大豆苗).  Below are pictures of some of the other dishes we had, including a delicious fried salmon, which was glazed with a sweet-ish soy sauce base (in the weaved basket).  I liked the presentation, and it was one of my favorite dishes of the night.  We then ended the night with a beautiful fried rice that could have probably served a family of ten!  I wish I could be a bit more helpful with dish names, but hopefully the pictures below help a bit.

Though the service isn't the greatest and our wine glasses were a bit funny, as they were all different sizes, their seafood is definitely worth a trip.
Delicious Prawns! 
Fried Salmon
Price: $$
Rating: 3.5/5

699 Lewelling Blvd.
Ste 270
San Leandro, CA 94579
#: (510) 895-1818
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