A Northern California Break, On Instagram (San Francisco, CA)

Time has just been rollin' on by with exams in full session, and for the rest of the year (pretty much a different one every month), and it's been difficult keeping up with my adventures myself!  I had the pleasure of visiting Northern California, seeing my mum and lots of extended family and friends.  Of course I ate lots of good food - which you can see below - and I got to attend a beautiful wedding!
1. Lattes @ Blue Bottle Coffee
2. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee @ Philz Coffee (A must try!)
3, Chicken Sandwich @ Gregoire's (Best of Berkeley!)
4. Daikon Cake at Prince Dim Sum House
5. Contact! Or as the man says himself, magic! @ San Francisco
6. Carne Asada Fries @ Garaje
7. C+J's wedding!
8. Berkeley Rose Gardens
9. Chillin' in front of Local Edition
10. Hog Islsand Oyster Co with family
11. Traveling with my Alice and Wonderland treasure chest @ SFO


Best Of Edesian Feast