Xolo Taqueria (Oakland, California)

I've been craving Mexican food for the longest time now, since Mexican cuisine is quite scarce in Brisbane.  I was excited to hear that Xolo, a Mexican taqueria in Uptown Oakland, was my lunch date destination with a friend.  I'm a little bit in love with the old taqueria style ambience and their choice of color theme, which I unfortunately didn't get a chance to snap some photos of.

I went for the Surf-n-Turf burrito (8.95), which includes grilled carne asada, pinto beans, little shrimp sauteed in butter, and the works.  The burrito ended up being a little bit too much for me - and I wasn't taken by the tiny shrimp that they used, which only took away from the burrito.  I enjoyed the carne asada, but the whole burrito was a little too texture-less for me, and ended up falling apart really easily.  The guacamole, on the other hand, was delicious with the chips (6.75).  Oh, how I have missed California avocados!  The guac was seasoned well, with a hint of spice (jalapenos, perhaps?).  I was a happy camper - well, eater - as this is probably the first time in half a year that I've had guac that wasn't made by me!

I didn't have the chance to snap more photos, but here are the guac & chips and my Mexican coke (3.25)!
Price: 10-15USD/person | $-$$
Rating: 4/5 (but 3.5 for the surf-n-turf)
Tip: This place is located near the Fox Theatre

1916 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94612
#: (510) 986-0151
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