Shady Palms Cafe & Bar (Woolloongabba, QLD)

Lately I've been consumed by studying as well as trying to get off of my terrible sleeping habit that I've been neglecting to update!  "Life" really does just take over sometimes, and wow, I can't believe it's August already!  For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, those living up north are just about to start a new school year (for those still in school).  The start of a new year/semester always means the uncertainty of my schedule, which I know, messes up my workout routine - at least for a little bit.  Moving to Australia has messed up my workout routine and eating habits, and let's just say, my body isn't too happy about it.  (Yes, I'm trying to do something about it!)  I know most of you won't believe me when I say I've gained a good 10 pounds of fat, but maybe you'll believe me after seeing the kind of food I eat (ie. in this post)...

I get antsy when I'm stuck at home alone, which is a sliver of the reason I go cafe-hopping.  On one of my antsy-feeling weekends, I decided to visit Shady Palms, a tropical atmospheric cousin of Lady Marmalade.  I had a difficult time deciding between the pulled pork tacos and the special, which was a smoked salmon with zucchini fritters, poached eggs, and creme fraiche.  I also decided to calorie splurge and ordered the salted caramel milkshake (6.5), which was oh-so-delicious!  It was smooth, not too milky, and not to sweet for a milkshake.

I really enjoyed my breakfast, as the chunks of medium-well smoked salmon complemented the saltier zucchini fritters (they were a bit too salty).  The poached eggs also balanced out the saltiness of the fritters, and the creme fraiche was surprisingly a tasteful addition.  Overall, I was quite impressed with the food and the ambience of Shady Palms.  It really does live up to its name, giving off a tropical, laid-back vibe.  Most of the staff are friendly, though the girl at the counter that day was not, and they seem understaffed.  The food took a while to come, and the staff seemed to be running around the whole time...

427 Logan Rd.
Woolloongabba, QLD 4120
#: (07) 3324-2917
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