Moda Restaurant (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

Tuesdays are usually unimpressive, with lots of class and a workout of some kind, but not this one!  I was lucky enough to enjoy a fancy dinner date with a couple of friends at Moda, a beautiful restaurant located near Eagle Street Pier.

We started the night with Mooloolaba Prawns, Half Shell Scallops, and Duck Liver Parfait (in a share plate for two).  The prawns weren't extraordinarily impressive, but they were good, though I enjoyed the scallops and duck liver much more.  The scallop was tender, but not overcooked, and paired perfectly with the jamon, cauliflower and saffron.  My favourite of the three was definitely the duck liver parfait.  It was a great flavour with the Pedro Ximinez Jelly, and was probably one of the best liver parfaits I've ever had!

I was torn between the Duck Confit Leg (yes, I love duck) and the Beef Cheek, and ended up ordering the latter as a recommendation from our waiter.  Naturally, beef cheek is very forgiving, but I actually did enjoy the flavour of the marinade and sauce itself.  My biggest complaint was that the meat was way too salty (including the swordfish I had a bite of), which left me thirsty the rest of the night.  The horseradish mash was also a great flavour, but also too salty.  The swordfish was perfectly done - not overcooked, and crispy on the outside.  I was impressed with the mains that night - both with the presentation and the taste.

Of course, as with all dinners I have with Jo, we ended with dessert.  Between the three of us, we had the Spanish Creme Caramel, Crema Catalana, and Valhrona Chocolate Fondant.  I'm not typically the biggest chocolate dessert fan (more of a fruit tart kind of person), but I think the Valhrona chocolate fondant won my heart that night.  The orange marmalade ice cream wasn't as orange-y as I had hoped, but the chocolate fondant spoke for itself.  It wasn't overly sweet, and was both rich and fluffy at the same time.  I also enjoyed the Crema Catalana for the honeycomb and the fruit, but we weren't a fan of the jelly.

As a restaurant in Brisbane, Moda has actually impressed me with their food, service, and ambience.  The food did take a while to come throughout the night, but to be fair, they were quite busy for a Tuesday night!  The chandeliers, pretty plates, space heaters, and Spanish ambience only made me fall in love with this place more.
Half Shell Scallops
Mooloolaba Prawns
Beef Cheek 
Mooloolaba Swordfish
Spanish Creme Caramel
Valhrona Chocolate Fondant 

Price: $$$
Rating: 4/5

Moda Restaurant (Website)
12 Edward St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3221-7655
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