Miette Patisserie (San Francisco, CA)

One of my favorite places in the Ferry Building in San Francisco is Miette, a dessert shop that offers cakes, cookies, food coloring-free macarons, and ice cream sandwiches.  I usually go for their macarons and ice cream sandwiches, and this time I went for the first, 'cause they ran out of the salted caramel ice cream sandwich!  Also, I quite dislike food coloring, and Miette is one of the only places that make macarons without.

I was a bit disappointed because the macarons were a bit stale this time around, and they appeared to be smaller and collapsed than I remembered.  The rose flavored was just as I remembered it, and ended up being my favorite, but the flavors of the others were also delicious.  The mouthfeel wasn't as superb as I had remembered, with the center lacking the moist chewiness that macarons have.  They were good, but didn't quite live up to my expectations this time.  Hopefully next time when I return, I will experience the goodness that is Miette!

The other day, I had their strawberry ice cream sandwich.  It was paired with their graham cracker cookies, and was the taste of summer!  The strawberry ice cream was flavorful, with bits of strawberry and creamy as ever.  The graham cookie wasn't as flavorful, as it was hard to tell it was a graham cookie, but I suppose it highlighted the ice cream.  I also had a bite of the salted caramel, and while the chocolate cookie was good, it overpowered the flavor of the ice cream.  Of the two, I would definitely recommend the strawberry one!
Price: 1.85USD/macaron | $-$$
Rating: 4/5

Miette Patisserie (Website)
1 Ferry Building [Embarcadero]
Ste 10
San Francisco, CA 94111
#: (415) 837-0300
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