Siam Samrarn (West End, QLD)

Coconut Rice
Lately, I've been a bit jaded by the restaurants Brisbane has to offer, as nothing I've tried lately has wowed me at the least.  Nothing is creative, nothing piques the interest of my taste buds, nothing is worth shelling out my wallet for.  I wonder if I've just temporarily lost interest in food - but it's more like I eat more because nothing tastes good.  It dismays me even more to find out that young chefs here, because they're young and making (probably big) bucks, think they're hotshots.  Uhm, nothing to be proud of when some of my dishes easily taste better than restaurant food.  And no, that is not my personal opinion.  Enough of ranting, onto how Siam Samrarn is.

I had tried to eat here twice already, but without prevail - one, because of their location in West End, and two, because it's an overall decent restaurant.  Because of those two things, Siam Samrarn is always booked out on weekends.  Located in the Coles shopping centre complex (the market building) and claiming to be one of the best Thai in Brissy, has all the decor and furnishings you would expect a Thai restaurant to possess.  I say this without feeling negatively about it, since they do have awesome booths for parties of six, and both indoor and outdoor seating.  The only common complaint was that the chairs were heavy and rather uncomfortable after a while.  As for the food...

They have an extensive menu, so we took a while to decide, but finally settled on the Spring Rolls (7.5) for starters.  They were fried perfectly and served with a sweet chili sauce in a boat!  Presentation wasn't lacking, which is always a plus when the food isn't bad.  We also went with the Pad Thai with beef (16.9), which was nothing out of the ordinary.  The flavors seemed a little out of balance, though I can't quite elaborate, as I only took a few bites.  Sadly enough, it wasn't as good as the Thai joint I frequented back in college.  The Prawn Crispy Basil (20.9) looked more impressive, and in my opinion, was the best out of the three, with the bell peppers, mushrooms, and of course, the basil.  The batter for the prawn was crisp and not overly fried, and my only complaint is that it was a bit salty.  We also got their Gang Panang with chicken (17.9), a coconut curry with green beans and lime leaves.  The curry was also just average - flavorful with fresh ingredients - but just average tasting.  We had everything with the coconut rice, which was nice an fluffy.  Overall, the meat in the curry and the pad thai were a bit dry, but otherwise, everything tasted fresh.

The service was decent, and the food was served quickly.  The food was nice and steamy, and wasn't lacking in presentation.  A satisfactory experience, I must say. 
Spring Rolls
Pad Thai
Prawn Crispy Basil (ah, dark lighting!)
Price: ~20AUD/person | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

1/79 Boundary St.
West End, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3844-9091
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