Roost (Kelvin Grove, QLD)

Found via Yelp and recommended by a couple of friends, Roost is a quaint and quirky cafe by day and a bar by night.  With vintage decor and a dark wooden interior, this hipster-lookin' hub is the perfect hangout for college students looking for a place to find some inspiration and do some work, or just meet up with friends to have a chat.  I'm absolutely in love with the ambience - the little details of decor and just the feeling of having stumbled into someone's cabin home.

Their chai lattes are the most delicious things I've had in a while, and on this occasion we went there just for their chai!  It's a specialty chai, both spicy (with black pepper!) and flavourful, striking the perfect balance between all the spices that make up a delicious chai latte.  We were looking for something substantial, which they don't offer (their only downside), so I ended up getting an almond croissant.  The croissant wasn't as fresh and crisp as I had hoped, even after it was toasted.  The almond paste was decent, as it wasn't too sweet or overwhelming with an artificial taste.

Located near QUT, and not too far from the bus stop itself, Roost is definitely a gem in the midst of all the fast food chains that line the same street.  While they are lacking in more substantial food, their drinks are definitely worth the trip!
Price: 4AUD/cuppa | $(-$$)
Rating: 4/5 (4.5 for the chai)
Tips: They use Bunker chocolate for their drinks

22 Carraway Street
Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059
#: (04) 2178-6189


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