Joceyln's Provisions (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

Jocelyn's Provisions in Fortitude Valley makes a variety of sweets, pastries, and relishes that are packed into their cabinets.  You will find something tol fulfill your every craving, from a passionfruit tart to lamb & rosemary pie to their candied walnuts.  Thankfully their price tags prevent me from making decisions my metabolism will regret, though it means I haven't tried much of their offerings.  On a special occasion, I called in to order a small flourless chocolate cake (34) - an easy choice when choosing for a chocolate lover.  I was rather excited, as I'd never been able to justify going to Jocelyn's Provisions "just because."

The flourless chocolate cake is a dense chocolate cake with chocolate nuts, and toffee and praline bits.  Not having looked at the pictures too closely previously, we were all impressed with the sugar lattice on the cake.  Although a bit of a strange combination to have paired chocolate with a sugar lattice (flavour-wise), it was a lovely touch to the cake.  It says online that the small cake is for 6 people, but we managed to make eight pieces, with all of us being satisfied (and even having some difficulty finishing the cake after dinner at Siam Samrarn).  Needless to say, that was one delicious rich and dense chocolate cake!  Even though I tend to not be a fan of chocolate cakes - or just cakes in general - if you want a scrumptious and impressive looking cake, this is the place to go!
Photo c/o Elliott Kwan
Price: $$
Rating: 4/5
Tip: Make cake reservations a few days in advance!  Location is in the shopping quad.

Jocelyn's Provisions ((Website)
Centro on James Street
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
#: (07) 3852-3799
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