Jam Jar Cafe and Catering (Bowen Hills, QLD)

Upon returning to Jam Jar, I was tempted to have their risotto again, which I liked quite a bit last time.  I ended up getting the filo pastry special (15.5), which was filled with steak, haloumi, and veggies.  The filo pastry was flaky and fresh, and the filling was pretty decent.  The steak was tender, and the flavour wasn't lacking.  The portion was quite big, especially with the salad, which was also fresh and had a delicious dressing on top.  I ended up taking some food home cause there was so much.

I've been in a chai latte mood lately, so that was what I had, or rather, ended up not having.  The chai latte was so watered down, it felt like I was drinking water with a teeny bit of chai powder on top.  The chai powder (don't think it was cinnamon) on top looked like it spilled out of the tin, as it choked me when I took my first sip.  I don't know what went wrong, but their chai latte is the worst that I've had.  Apparently the coffee that day was also off.  Needless to say, I don't think we will return for their drinks.
Price: 15-20AUD for main+drink | $-$$
Rating for food: 3.5/5
Rating for drinks: 2/5

Jam Jar Cafe and Catering (Website)
153 Campbell St.
Bowen Hills, QLD 4006#: (07) 3852-3205
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