Jam Jar (Bowen Hills, QLD)

There aren't many places to eat and have coffee around Bowen Hills, so Jam Jar naturally becomes one of the choices - and it's not a bad choice, either!  They carry the same name as Jam Jar in West End, but are not owned by the same people - and I'd have to say, the staff seems much friendlier and knowledgable than the one in West End. 

I've only had their latte so far, but it's a smooth coffee that's not too burnt, nor too dark (think it's a medium roast I had), and not acidic at all.  Enjoyable, at the very least.

I havn't had their food, but it sounds and smells delicious!  There's nothing special about the ambience, but it still feels cozy for some reason. It's located very conveniently by the Royal Brisbane Hospital, as it's about 500 meters away.  Most likely will return for some food at one point!

Jam Jar Cafe and Catering
153 Campbell St.

Bowen Hills, QLD 4006
#: (07) 3852-3205
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