How do you measure a year in the life of a blog?

This past week marks the one year anniversary of Edesian Feast!  This food blog came to be with the encouragement of a friend last year just after my trip to Sydney, Australia, where I had an incredible time visiting the Blue Mountains, Jenolan Caves, and exploring the city.  One thing I (re)realized was that eating is always a ginormous part of traveling a city (and life in general) - so how better to document my travels than through food?  There are few things a true Taiwanese loves more than food (one could argue that thing does not exist), so I decided to launch a food blog both as a travel diary and a helpful reference others can use to find delicious food all over the world.

I was never the best writer in school - though I wasn't terrible - but I like to remind myself that this blog is firstly for myself.  It is my journal, for me to document my travels, because I know with time, I will forget the places I've been.  Entries are tinged with my opinions and criticism (if you havn't noticed already), and while I've been told that I have 'scathing reviews' - it is merely my fooding personality, so please take everything with a grain of salt.  My voice has changed over the years, and it will probably keep doing so.  I'll probably look back on my posts and think - ew, my writing (I do already).  More importantly, this blog is for food gawking!  Although I've never taken any photography classes, nor read my SLR's manual seriously (going through it is one of my goals), I'd like to think that my photos speak much more than my words, and that they do the food justice - at least most of the time.  Typically, I shoot with my iPhone 4S, but occasionally when I'm not lazy, I bring my Rebel XS out on a swing.

It's not January and there are no "new year's resolutions" here, but because of all the tears of joy and pain this past year has brought me, I am striving to be better, sharper and more focused.  I'll spare you my personal list of things to work on and any cheesiness, but thank you for supporting my blog!  For being a reader now and throughout this past year.  My goals for Edesian Feast are even bigger than this one, and while I am content with where it is now, I'm always striving for more.  If you enjoy my writing or photos, or just find my reviews useful, you can follow me on Yelp, Urbanspooon, or by email.  Feel free to drop me a note, share a restaurant, or website recommendation, because like any foodie, I love food porn!  It's been an amazing year, as I've been blessed with both hardships and friendships, and I hope to experience many more in daylights, sunsets, midnights and cups of coffee - and of course, in love.

XOXO the one and only, hammy tammy


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