Gramercy Revisit (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

As I've said before, Gramercy is one of those rare gems in Brisbane City.  I say this because firstly, their food is delicious and fresh - which is the most important feature of a restaurant or cafe.  Everything else comes second, but they aren't without.  Their service is friendly, their corner in Wintergarden is energetic and modern, and their presentation isn't lacking (not to mention their coffee jars).

Today, I had the chicken mayo sandwich with bean sprouts, cucumber, and spring greens sandwich (9.8).  I have to say, the sandwich itself wasn't very flavorful, but it didn't stop me from eating the whole thing! No, it wasn't very salty, and the chicken was only flavored with black pepper, but it was surprisingly satisfying.  I was hoping that they would still have their rueben sandwich on the menu, but alas, no longer.  I also tried the Gramercy Green fruit juice, which was a lovely kelly green color, like all their decor.  The juice is all natural though, so if you're looking for a vitamin boost, this is it!

There is deliciousness all around in this place, from their breakfasts to their desserts.  It's become one of my places in the city - and if it wasn't for their corridor seating that's a bit chilly - I'd be here all the time!
Chicken Mayo Sandwich 
Avocado Toast
Price: 15AUD/person for food + drink | $-$$
Rating: 4/5
Tip: Enter Wintergarden via Edward Street - across from George Jensen
Gramercy (Facebook)
200 Edward Street (Wintergarden)
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3003-1766
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