Bar Barossa (Brisbane City, QLD)

Bar Barossa would have never appeared on my wishlist if it wasn't for Dimmi promotions, and so with some encouragement, me and Jo decided to give this place a try.  The location of Bar Barossa is a bit difficult to find, as it's located between Adelaide and Macrossan Street, between the City and the Valley.  We were starving by the time we arrived, so we both decided that we'd each order a three course meal.

We started with Pan Roasted Scallops, which were fresh and tender, and not overdone.  The cauliflower puree and squid ink aioli were both a delicious finishing touch, adding the perfect amount of flavor to the scallops.  The morcilla (pig's blood sausage) freaked me out a bit, but I tried it - and while it wasn't bad - if you're not a fan of blood or the texture of liver - don't try this!  The nashi pear was a bit of a miss, as was the rest of the "sweet" details added in their dishes throughout the night.  I commend them for being a bit adventurous and innovative, but for me, they were all a miss.  We also shared the Pork Belly, which was less impressive, as the pork was a bit dry.  The skin wasn't crispy and tasted a bit like it was a day old, and the cider emulsion and apple puree also didn't quite do it for me.
Pan Roasted Scallops
Pork Betlly
Next, I had the Duck as my main, which was a duck breast, with poached daikon, bok choi, cirtrus, and asian spiced reduction.  I was disappointed to find that my duck was both dry and didn't have much flavor.  The skin was flavorful, but that was about it.  I could taste the rawness to both the daikon and the bok choi, as both were a bit undercooked, and the "citrus," being what tasted like grapefruit and orange, were a terrible addition.  I hate to be so blunt and I feel bad more often than not, but I believe in truthful reviews, especially after reading a rant today about Yelp and its "filtering" reviews.  Jo let me try her roasted lamb rump, which was a little more flavorful, but still a bit dry and lacking in that gamey flavor that people look for in lamb.  We gave up on our mains halfway through and decided it was time to move on to dessert...
I went for the Tarte Tatin, an apple tarte tatin with poached rhubarb and burnt caramel ice cream, which I didn't regret!  The dessert was the redeeming factor, after all that dry, overcooked protein.  The tarte was flaky and toasty fresh, with a thin layer of apple baked on top.  The poached rhubarb was just ok, but the burnt caramel ice cream was paired perfectly with the tarte.  I would recommend sharing their desserts, as Jo's Chocolate Fondant was just as rich and filling as my dessert.  The chocolate fondant was also paired with an ice-cream, a vanilla bean one to compliment the chocolate.  The fondant was a rich chocolate that tasted like eating real chocolate - nothing like normal baking chocolate.  It was extremely rich, so consume with caution!  We even joked about bringing our own strawberries to dip...
Tarte Tatin
Chocolate Fondant
The presentation of each dish was well done, especially the scallops and the chocolate fondant, and even my duck dish.  I wish I could say better things about their meat dishes, but I can say that their service was really friendly!  The ambience is just ok, bordering between bistro and modern upscale, with no real theme.  What they do have is an impressive wine list...
Price: 60AUD/course meal | $$$
Bar Barossa (Website)
Center of Adelaide & Macrossan St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3832-3530
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