Miettes Boulangerie (Graceville, QLD)

After a filling lunch, I walked over to Miettes Boulangerie, which was bustling with customers sitting outdoors on a cold day.  With my book in hand, I decided I'd have my regular skinny latte with a slice of hazelnut chocolate cake (which I've forgotten the name of).  Miettes uses Campos coffee, which is supposedly good I suppose, but my skinny latte turned out too dark.  It was a bit too bitter for me and left me a bit disappointed.

The cake's flavour was decent, but was a bit difficult to cut, as it had many different layers.  The texture was a bit chewy, which I had mixed feelings about, but the chocolate layers were good.  I was expecting more of a flaky crunch, and perhaps the look of the cake was deceiving, but it was a bit heavy and not really my thing.  Maybe I should have gone for the lighter passionfruit flavoured cake, or a croissant instead.  It was really pretty though! They do have breads and cookies in the back that look delicious, but my cake left me dubious.

The service was excellent, but I'm not sure this place is as good as Urbanspoon says.  The plastic chairs and outdoor seating are also not my favourite, but I suppose it's not much to complain about.  If you think differently about this place and think I've just gone on a bad day, drop me a note and a recommendation!

Price: 6AUD/slice of cake | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

158 Graceville Ave. / Shop 8
Graceville, QLD 4075
#: (07) 3379-
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