Hong Depot (West End, QLD)

I've passed this Korean restaurant plenty of times, as it is just across form the West End Market building (the one that houses Coles), but haven't tried it until now, possibly because of the already numerous Korean places located in the city.  I remember noticing this place because they were doing a 10% off your bill on rainy days promo.  Amusing.

All of the grilling tables are in a canopied outdoor seating, which can get a bit chilly during the winter, but I suppose you can always toast your hands by the coal pit.  When I arrived, I was famished after a good workout, so we ordered the kimchee pancake, which looked unexpectedly thick and crispy - not at all what I expected.  It didn't look like a typical Korean pancake, but it was just as good!  It had a nice crunch on the outside, with the perfect amount of filling on the in.  The sauce that came with it complemented it quite well - but I'm not quite sure this is authentic.  Either way, it was delicious, and I shamelessly ate three pieces!  We ordered the beef ribs and the spicy pork for the grill - and while the marinades were tasteful (although the pork was a bit spicy), overall it was a bit pricy for the portion.  The meat also tasted like they used a tenderizer, although they may not have - but again, small portions for the price!  It was also hard to tell if the meat was cooked cause of the dim lighting...

The sides were also a bit stingy, as well as the rice.  There was a little handful of rice for three dollars! Yikes! Other than that, the service was excellent, as they were friendly and attentive.  Probably the best service I've had in Brisbane.
The lighting at night...
Price: 20-30AUD/person | $$-$$$
Rating: 4/5 (just expensive!)

Hong Depot (Facebook)
193 Melbourne St.
South Brisbane, QLD (West End)
#: (07) 3846-1443
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