Gramercy (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

This hidden gem in the middle of the city was so hard to find, my first attempt resulted in my going home, as I wandered around Wintergarden for a good fifteen minutes without finding it.  Perhaps being located on the "ground floor" is a bit of a misnomer, as Wintergarden is built with confusing levels - but as all the tips about this place says - walk to Edward street and use that entrance.

I love the look of this coffee hub, with its rustic, yet modern kelly green themed kitchen.  This hole in wall (of the mall) reminds me of one of the many cafes along College Avenue in Berkeley, California - where the sustainable foods movement is extremely popular.  The ingredients they use - the flour, coriander, strawberries, displayed in their windows look fresh and add to Gramercy's appeal.

I had the Bircher Muesli (7.6), which I have never had at any cafe - as I usually go for something savoury, but today, something fresh and healthy appealed to me.  I didn't regret my choice, as my beautiful bowl of freshly prepared bircher muesli looked delicious, and tasted no less so.  The apples and strawberries were fresh, and went great along with the muesli, which had macadamia nuts thrown in to add a bit of a crunch.  I also had a skinny latte (3.8), which was just average - as it tasted a bit burnt, but for some odd reason it ended up tasting better as it cooled off!  I think I'm going crazy!

I had a bite of their Poached Pear Brioche (9.2), which was also pretty good.  I would say that both items tasted "raw" - or very organic - so if a big brekky with bacon, eggs, and the works, is your thing, this place might not be for you.  I enjoyed this place, and hope to try out their Reuben sometime soon.  Not to mention, they allegedly use jam jars for their takeaway coffee!  How Berkeley/hipster of them... ;D
Price: 10-15AUD | $
Rating: 4/5

219 Queen St.
Brisbane, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3003-1766
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