Frisky Goat Revisit (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

After seeing their almond milk option, I had to return to Frisky Goat.  It didm't take me long to return, as it is just a jog away.  Taking advantage of the sunny weather, I made my way down George Street to get myself a cup of almond milk latte.

The Verdict?  Comme-ci comme-ca - meaning it was just so-so.  I could still taste a little bit of coffee, but the almond milk seemed to overpower the coffee itself (which I like), making it taste like a watered down version.  Perhaps my almond milk latte would have tasted better witha  bit of sugar, since I was hoping the almond milk itself would add a bit of sweetness.  I am a bit disappointed on my extra dollar spent on the almond milk, but my preference for the regular latte may be a good thing on my wallet.

Service?  Friendly and quick as always, making this tiny coffee hub one of my favorites in the city.
Price: $4 for a regular
Rating: 4/5
Tip: It's in that (points to picture) building!

Frisky Goat (Website)
171 George St.
Brisbane, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3210-2667


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