Dakbla (West End, QLD)

Now that my weeklong break is in motion, I had the opportunity to meet up with some friends I don't usually see very often - and how else to celebrate but some hot soup to warm us up during the winter?  The lack of proper Asian food in Brisbane brought me to a search on Urbanspoon and Yelp, and Dakbla was what I found.

Located along Hardgrave in West End, it is along the string of restaurants that includes Tibetan Kitchen and the ever-so-popular Trang, right next to the City Cycle docks!  I was excited, because my form of transportation was a City Cycle bike.  I was set on laksa, and since they didn't offer duck laksa, I opted for the chicken, which wasn't as good as duck, but sufficed.  The laksa soup was probably the best that I have had in Brisbane, which I guess isn't saying that much, but it says something!  The soup was lacking something (which I actually can't pin-point) to its flavor, but was delicious enough for me to finish a good amount of it.  The chicken was pretty tender, and the veggies were fresh.  I also had the iced Vietnamese coffee (5), which is essentially a slow drip with condensed milk!  If you like sweetened iced coffee, definitely give it a go, cause they do a good one.

We also had the pippies with roti to share.  I had no idea what pippies were, but they're essentially small clams - and I love clams!  The clams were decently flavored, though I thought the roti was the better part!  I've had roti from a couple of places in Australia, and I think theirs had the best mouthfeel, as it was both chewy and crispy.

The dishes weren't cheap, but this is probably one of the more nicely decorated Vietnamese restaurants that I've been to.  Surprisingly, the walls weren't bare, and the furniture and dishes didn't look worn down.  I say this because most Asian restaurants dont' focus much on the ambience, so good on them!  The service wasn't lacking, and they even made us a cute sign for our reservation! (see below)

Something I've been wondering is...do ambience pictures really add to the purpose of a food blog?  Drop me a note on what you think!
Price: 20AUD/person
Rating: 3.5/5 (maybe a 4/5 for Brisbane)

Dakbla (Facebook)
65 Hardgrave Rd.
West End, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3844-0594
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