Bunker Specialty Coffee (Milton, QLD)

Due to an UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event) for CafeSmart, where $1 of every coffee is donated to help the homeless, I made my way to Bunker.  With a perfect location near the Milton Railway Station, it's hard to say no to a place like this.  Every time I visit, it's a bit like walking into a rabbit hole - but one with friendly baristas and incredible coffee.  The iced mocha was delicious as ever (but at 5.5 a pop), and the latte also wasn't lacking.

My skinny latte tasted like a dark roast, but not as strong as the usual coffee here in Brisbane, which isn't disappointing - just different.  I think I've grown to like a strong, dark roast, and prefer it to a lighter dark roast, even though I am a fan of medium roasts.  Either way, the coffee was smooth and wasn't acidic at all.  (Relevant, because I'm afraid all this coffee-consuming will give me a stomach ulcer...)  Lovely though, ay?  Well, that is all - and I hope there are future CafeSmart events at delicious coffee spots!
Price: 4AUD for a regular latte | 5.5 for bottled ice drinks
Rating: 4.5/5

Bunker Specialty Coffee (Website)
21 Railway Terrace
Milton, QLD 4064
#: (04) 2212-4767
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