Three Monkeys Cafe (West End, QLD)

Three Monkeys in West End is so often buzzed about that we decided to give this place another try after having just a latte here at the beginning of last year.  Famous for their chai lattes, we decided that this was the place to go to satisfy our chai craving.  Also known for being one of the more "atmospheric" cafes in town, this cafe gives off an ethnic, hippie vibe, with tapestries and memorabilia lining its walls.  I'm not quite sure why this cafe is 'iconic,' but maybe this is why...

I was rather curious about their chai latte being served in a bowl, so we both ended up ordering a bowl for ourselves (4.5), which came with Kraft honey (err, really?).  The chai latte was less than great, as it tasted like a watered down bowl of milk with some spices.  The flavor of cloves was there, but I couldn't really taste any anise, cinnamon, and the usual spices in a chai latte, and found it quite interesting they would choose to serve such a large portion and compromise the thickness.  I also found the Kraft honey a bit tasteless, as most cafes will serve their honey with a cute wooden honey dipper.  The bowl was also unideal, as it was initially too hot to hold, and by the time it cooled off, my chai also cooled off.  Someone please explain to me why their chai is so popular even with Banneton and The Burrow just down the street?  Maybe their is more authentic, or just less sweet, like some like it, but I definitely would not recommend this to anyone, especially since it's quite filling!

After spending a good five minutes in front of the cake shelf, we also decided on the Almond Biscotti cake, which was actually ok, but not what I had expected.  It tasted like tiramisu, for one, so if you don't like tiramisu, this isn't a good choice.  Secondly, I didn't really taste any almond, and there was one piece of almond biscotti, while the rest of the cake just didn't have any texture to it.  Again, it tasted fine, but not worth the $8 and calories.  What a disappointment!  I was hoping that this place would redeem itself from the mediocre latte I had last year.  The funniest part of this was that a table of Taiwanese sitting next to us were bantering about whether our bowl of chai was actually soup...
Mine didn't look the same. Is this supposed to be rustic? I couldn't make this chai look good...
Quitei weary that all their cakes potentially taste the same...
Price: $10-15 for food and a drink | $-$$
Rating: 2.5/5

58 Mollison St.
West End, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3844-6045
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