The Burrow (West End, QLD)

I recently made a stop by The Burrow again after arriving in West End and not having a reservation (never a good thing on a weekend!).  Every other restaurant was booked out, so we ended up heading to The Burrow for some pizza for dinner.

We were close to not being seated, but were lucky and procured a couple of spots by the window after a short wait! I ordered the Big Voodoo Daddy (22) with chorizo, chicken, and BBQ, and Jess had the Bloody Margherita!, a basic margherita pizza.  I liked mine better for the BBQ sauce and flavor, but the margherita wasn't bad either.  It just wasn't as good as other ones I've had in the past.  The crust was extremely burnt, and even though I like a bit of carbon, this just made the whole pizza taste burnt!  I wasn't too happy and was going to complain, but decided against it on such a busy day.  Their crust is crunchy and the perfect thickness, but they need to watch their pizzas even on busy days...

The service was friendly and and prompt as before, so at least that is consistent!
Big Voodoo Daddy
Blood Margherita!
Price: 20-25AUD/dinner pizza | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

The Burrow (Website)
58 Mollison St.
West End, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3844-6045
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