Party time!

This past weekend I decided to have a little get together with some friends instead of spend a fortune on  an event, and here are some of the plates I assembled!  I say assembled, because my friend asked if I made everything from scratch, and if I were to make everything from scratch, I must first invent the universe!  And no, I did not make the universe, so therefore, none of this is from "scratch."

The first pictures are of smoke salmon bits topped with dill in cream cheese on top of a cheese cracker.  All I did was chop up dill and blend it in the cream cheese for 20 seconds.  The only downside to this is the crackers get a bit soggy if they are made too far in advance. (Yeah, happened to me)  The lemons and limes are just a cute idea for laying out garnishes for drinks, and I added some gumdrops in the  middle for color.

The last was just a fun little display of desserts, and the sugar rimmed cup was the only thing I "assembled."  For any sugar rimmed cup (glass works best), just hold your cup upside down and rim with citrus juice, dip in a bowl of sugar, and voila!  Mine had some gold flecks because I used Williams-Sonoma gold shimmering sugar.  You can also make your own colored sugar, which may actually stick better because of the smaller particles.
Garnish, next to a Scrabble tile coater I made =)


Best Of Edesian Feast