Maru Korean BBQ Restaurant (Sunnybank, QLD)

The past couple of weeks have really cooled down in Brisbane!  Being the cold wimp that I am, I am spent this week cleaning out my wardrobe and digging up my winter stash.  I've decided to try and sell some of my last season items, along with some sweaters, pants, and leggings at the Suitcase Rummage on June 2.  Come and stop by for some deals!  Some of the regular stalls have really cute items, so I highly recommend taking a look...

This chilly weather has me craving spiced chais, hot chocolate, and beef noodle soup.  I could make all three at home, essentially, but I've been a bum lately with exams rolling around, so it's been oolong tea and Japanese curry for me.  Yesterday was a special treat for me and Jo, though, as we head out to Sunnybank to have korean barbecue.  Being big kbbq fans, when we saw that Maru had a Groupon promo, we snatched it up quickly and set up a date!

We were relieved when we stepped inside a cozy and warm restaurant, away from the drizzling cold outside.  The waiter was prompt and seated us quickly, immediately serving us our entrees of fried potstickers and ja jang myun.  Pre-packaged potstickers were never my favorite, and these fell into the ordinary lot as usual, but they were fried just right.  The presentation wasn't lacking either, so plus points.  The ja jang myun (noodle dish) was a bit bland, despite the look of the sauce (which is the usual look of the sauce, for those who havn't had it).  I was a bit disappointed in the flavor, or lack thereof, but the noodles themselves had a nice mouthfeel!  The texture was bouncy like these noodles should be, so I guess I enjoyed the noodles anyway.

The plate of meat that came next was quite the portion for me and Jo, especially since she eats less than I do!  The meats were marinated quite well, and I won't bother commenting on all of them individually. What I do want to note is their better grills, which are less sticky and prone to charring than any other grill I've used!  Hmm, curious.  Anyway, we had the usual side dishes and complementary salad to go with our meal, and halfway through the meal, I was already experiencing postprandial somnambulance.

The service was also really attentive, as they help you cut up the meats if they see you being slow (hehe).  They are prompt on any request, and the manager even cam out to ask if everything was satisfactory!  Usually I find it weird, but he was fine about it.  The location is also convenient, next to big shopping complex, so you can do some post-dinner grocery shopping!
Ja Jang Myun
Complementary salad (meat not pictured - my pictures didn't do it justice)
Price: $-$$
Rating: 4/5

9 Lewina St. Shop 3
Sunnybank, QLD 4109
#: (07) 3344-3868
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