Frisky Goat (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

I've been quite the coffeefish lately, and while coffee isn't the most effective agent in keeping me awake, I think I'm getting addicted!  I didn't used to drink coffee for the caffeine, as I started cafe-hopping as a hobby and to study away from my apartment back in college, but I'm finding that I've been craving coffee more and more...

I've been meaning to stop by Frisky Goat for months now, but usually I'm running late, so I just go for something closer to home.  Today was a really chilly and rainy day with no early class, and I really wanted a toasty latte to bring with me to study, so I finally made my way down George Street to this coffee hub tucked away in the city.

Just the name of this place would pique anyone's interest, but even more than that, the ratings for their coffee has been consistently high.  To my pleasant surprise, the coffee didn't fall short of my expectations!  While I'm not usually a fan of dark roast, I enjoyed this roast, as it didn't taste burnt at all.   Though the coffee didn't have a particular nutty or fruity aroma, it was still aromatic and smooth.  It was a little more acidic than I would have liked, but that's me being overly critical.  I would give their coffee a 4.5/5, at least for Brisbane standards, and the location is quite perfect for those who work in the city!  They also offer almond milk as an option, which I definitely want to try sometime.  The baristas were also quite friendly, and their mascot goat is just too cute!
Price: 4AUD/medium coffee | $ (for Oz)
Rating: 4/5

171 George St.
Brisbane City, 4000 QLD
#: (07) 3210-2667
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  1. Frisky Goat is where the better half and I go when we want really nice coffee. Used to go there a lot more when it wasn't so out of the way for us. The staff there are so awesome too, for a while they would remember her order (decaf mocha with dark chocolate on almond milk). I couldn't remember it half the time :)

    1. Sweet, that sounds delicious. I may get the caffeinated version of her order!


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