Flick N Beans (Bowen Hills, QLD)

Tuesday mornings call for a good coffee before sessions at the hospital, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to try out Flick N Beans, a fairly new coffee hub located down the street from the Royal Brisbane in Bowen Hills.  The ambience of this tire-shop inspired (not sure if it really is, but it looks like it!) orange themed cafe is refreshing, as most places now take after the kitchy-cute hipster-y cafe.

Kaleb and Tim, the guys behind Flick N Beans, are friendly and whipped up our coffees fairly quickly.  I had a skinny latte (4-medium), the usual, which was moderately aromatic, not acidic, and not too dark.  I find that a lot of Brisbane cafes use really dark roasts, which I don't quite like, so yay!  While I havn't had any of the sandwiches or wraps yet, the toasted Raspberry & Pear bread was quite scrumptious.  It tasted fresh, and was the perfect "density" for my liking.  I'll definitely be returning for some hot food one day, as it's the perfect location!  As there aren't many other restaurant or cafe establishments near the hospital, I reckon this should become a popular place.

I had the chicken souvlaki wrap (8), and it was delicious!  Everything tasted fresh, and the wrap was toasted perfectly.  The breakfast burrito was also allegedly really good, as they use BBQ sauce! (Sorry, 'Mericans, no pica de gallo or salsa here)  We all agreed the thick, crunchy wrap itself was the best part!  Though the portions were just right for us, I can see it leaving some wanting more... especially since they're so tasty!  They also carry Parker's teas, sparkling sodas, etc. (4), which are nice and refreshing, if you're after something other than coffee.
Chicken Souvlaki Wrap

Price: 12AUD coffee + food | $
Rating: 4/5

Flick N Beans (Facebook)
65 O'Connell Terrace
Bowen Hills, QLD 4006
#: (04) 1342-1367
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