Chriberg Suckling Pork Roast @ Jan Powers Farmer's Market (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

Living in the city has its benefits, such as walking to the Wednesday markets on days I don't have food.   While I occasionally pick up a few groceries and breads, I tend not to shop around, as I'll end up buying honey, sweets, cupcakes, and too many unnecessary goods.  I've had paella and the mushroom bowl from some of the stands, but up 'till last Wednesday, I hadn't given the Chriberg stand a try.  They sell sausages as well as a pork roast sandwich, and while they smell delicious, I never feel like having so much meat and carbs on any given day...

...until I got sick this past week.  I hadn't cooked the past few days, and when I finally dragged my tired self out in search of avocados and limes, I decided today was the day!  The seasoning for the meat was actually not too overwhelming, and the meat was juicy and tender (though a bit oily).  I don't know if I would get it again, but at least it was enjoyable!
Veggies not included!
Price: $10
Rating: 3.5/5

Brisbane Square (Reddacliffe Place) - next to the Treasury Casino


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