Bean (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

Lately, I've been frequenting my favorite cafe (and barista) down at Bean and calorie splurging on caramel and hazelnut lattes!  They're some of my favorite twists on the classic latte, and I've been taking advantage of Bean's 50%-off hour to indulge on such goodness!  I have yet to try the cupcakes that they carry, as I'm usually craving something savory, and I've been told that more substantial food may be making its way into the kitchen soon...The coffee was awesome, as usual, although the caramel latte was actually a bit sweet for me, as I've been just drinking regular skinny lattes.  I personally am a bigger fan of the hazelnut, as I love all things hazelnut, but they do offer caramel and vanilla syrups.  I also love how the Bird Gallery (art gallery/seating area) looks this week, so hurry and pay a visit before it changes again!
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Tip: Visit between the hours of around 11am-12pm for 50% off!  Also, free wi-fi!

181 George St. (basement)
Brisbane, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3210-0456
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