Banneton (New Farm, QLD)

Lazy Sundays spent having brunch with my girlfriends is one of those occurrences that don't happen quite enough, so when we do meet up to catch up, it's such a treat!  It's especially difficult when nothing is really open in the city, which is the most central location to everyone, so we end up having to travel.  After the disappointing chai latte at Three Monkeys Cafe and a fun night out, we were craving coffee and chai lattes.  Since I hadn't been back to Banneton in a while, I wanted to revisit, now that it's been open for a while.

They have a hot menu now!  I don't think they did when I first visited back in the day.  I had a very difficult deciding what I wanted, but ended up going for the Croque Madame (14.5), which was probably not the healthiest choice.  Lately, I've been trying to regain some of the fitness that I've lost (not sure that was proper grammar), which has been a big challenge since my ITB has been acting up.  For anyone that's ever watched Daria, I feel like Sandy when she broke her leg. [Sandy gained tons of weight and decided to resign as president of the fashion club]  For those that can't quite draw the parallel - I've gained quite a bit of extra somethin' in the past year.  I know I'm not fat, but I know my body, and it's...changed.  Try going from 6-7 days of 90 minute workouts per week to maybe three times a week tops!  Not to mention consuming drink calories, which I've started doing (uh, oh!).  Being called "skinny" throughout is also very frustrating!  I'm all for being healthy, and I'm definitely not skin and bones.  My point in sharing is to remind myself and my readers that fitness doesn't come without sacrifice, sweat, and tears.  I definitely don't eat everything I want, and I definitely don't have super-speed metabolism that I can just eat and eat and not gain any weight.  With that being said, anyone who orders this Croque Madame better be going on a 5k jog!

This ham and cheese sandwich with bechamel and topped with an egg is worth it, though!  That is, if you enjoy cheese and the such.  Banneton is known for their bread, and well, the bread did not fail me!  This was one delicious Croque Madame, with a delicious side salad.  Overall, it was a bit heavy for me, but I did end up finishing it!  My chai latte (3.5) left me wanting more, as they come in the small latte cups instead of mugs now.  I was a bit disappointed, but it was definitely a satisfying cup of chai.

I also got to try a sip of the iced latte, and it was delicious!  Perfect for a caffeine boost, and better than Campos Coffee's.
Price: 20AUD hot brekky dish and drink | $$
Rating: 4.5/5

Banneton (Website)
876 Brunswick St.
New Farm, QLD 4005
#: (07) 3161-5231
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