Shucked Coffeehouse (Newstead, QLD)

On a lazy Saturday before heading to the BlackMilk sample sale in the valley, me and Jess decided we would grab lunch at Shucked Coffeehouse.  Located in the midst of car dealerships and industrial offices, Shucked is an unpretentious, kitschy cafe with lots to offer.  I love the details that have been given this cafe - from its vintage suitcases to the numerous salt 'n' pepper shakers sitting around.  Bustling at around 10am, we took a seat at the couches, though they have another alleyway room set-up for diners!

I was quite tempted by the Lychee & Lime Long Iced-Tea, but I went for the usual skinny latte.  The latte, which was aromatic and not too acidic, was borderline too strong for my taste.  I would say it's one of the better ones I've had around Brisbane though.  I had a difficult time deciding whether I wanted a sweet or savory item for breakfast.  The sweet items were really tempting even though I'm a savory type of girl!  Some of their dishes, like the French Kiss, sounded delicious, and was a mix between sweet and savory, which doesn't usually tempt me - but their combinations sounded too good!  I ended up going for Harry's Hash, which includes a sweet potato hash with bacon, poached egg, wilted spinach, and tomato relish - as I was advised the French Kiss was a really heavy dish.  For once, they didn't say "both are good!"  That made me happy.  I would have preferred my hash a bit more crisp on the outside, but it was still good.  I'm not sure I thought the sweet potato and bacon combination was a match made in heaven, but the bacon had a nice crunch and was balanced out by the spinach and relish.  I would give my dish a 4/5 for flavor, and 4.5/5 for presentation...

I tried also had a bite of the corn and fetta fritters (part of the Stone the Crows dish) and liked it a bit more than my sweet potato hash, as it was just a straightforward savory dish.  I'd definitely like to return for some brioche and iced tea one day - and the service definitely doesn't deter me from doing so.  The owner (I'm assuming) is really friendly, as are the others working at Shucked.
Harry's Hash
Stone the Crows

Price: 20AUD/person | $$
Rating: 4.5/5
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9 Creswell St.
Newstead, QLD 
#: (07) 3257-4567
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