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I never thought I'd give Public another try after the disappointing dinner I had here a few months ago, but since they were doing a nice little promo, I couldn't pass it up!  Me and Jo arrived to a different ambience than the last.  The sun through the windows brightened up the place, but because there weren't any visible customers, we thought they hadn't opened yet, despite our reservation.  The first thing I noticed was the taxidermy of the peacock hanging near the bar, which is a bit creepy, but kinda cool (if it's not real?).  I didn't really notice a lot of things last time, including their bar set-up, which looks nice and spacious.

To the point!  I ordered a cappuccino for a change, and it was just alright.  It wasn't anything special and wasn't hot by the time it got to me.  The food was much better than their coffe, though!  I had the Truffle Duck Egg, Mushroom, and Spinach (15) on toast, which was apparently a "good choice."  I thought so too, as the truffle added flavor to everything else.  I'm such a mycophile, so the truffle and mushroom combination was perfect for me!  The duck egg hidden inside the toast was runny and so delicious with the crisp toast, and while the presentation and flavors weren't lacking one bit - the dish was overall a bit too oily for me.  Too much butter for my taste, and I think the dish would have tasted just as good to anyone if it had a little less butter.

I also had a bite of the Slow Poached Egg, Salmon, and Hollandaise (16), which was well presented and reminded me of a sunset!  I also really liked how this tasted, especially with the salmon caviar.  It added interest and flavor to the dish, and I was quite impressed, since my last experience here was subpar.  The hollandaise sauce looked a bit overwhelming, but I suppose it was part of the presentation...

The ambience is different from a cafe, as it is more of a night-time place, with a bar and everything, and the service was decent (better than last time too).  I don't know if I would ever return for dinner again, but for breakfast or maybe a drink, I just might!
Slow poached egg, salmon, and hollandaise
Truffle duck egg, mushrooms, and spinach
Price: 20AUD/person for breakfast | $-$$
Rating: 4/5 for breakfast

Public (Website)
400 George St. Level 1
Brisbane, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3210-2288
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