Naked for Satan (Fitzroy, VIC)

Finding out a bit too late that Fitzroy is the district to do some thrift shopping, I only arrived at night with a couple of friends on a night out in Melbourne.  Naked for Satan - a risque name - with even more risque wallpaper lining its walls, is a Spanish tapas bar known for its vodka.  Go to their website to read about the story of how the name of this place came to be!  It's actually quite entertaining.  As is their wallpaper.

The place was quite crowded at 8pm, with a small line waiting to enter the bar.  Even with spacious floorspace and seats, lots of people crowded the bar - with a 20 minute wait to go up to their rooftop bar, Naked in the Sky.  I ordered a mixed drink called "_____ Lovejuice" (if someone can fill me in) and had a couple of their 'buffet-style' bruschettas ($2 each), along with the croquettes being served by the waitresses.  I liked the muscle with hummus one!  They also taste better than they look!  Another note is that Naked for Satan runs on a novel - and well, trusting system.  You eat your fill, then you pay according to however many toothpicks you accumulate!  Hah. I like it, although I can see lots of tipsy customers knocking over their toothpick cups...

The mixed drink was good, but not very alcoholic, and a bit too sweet for me (which usually isn't the case).  Their names are entertaining though!  I really wanted hop nearby to The Everleigh, but we had to make our way to the city to meet another friend at Madame Brussels...
Don't usually do life posts - but their wallpaper! Oh, my!
Price: Food $ || Drinks $$
Rating: 4/5
Tip: Go on a Monday or Tue, Wed, Thur afternoons for cheap pintxos!

Naked For Satan (Website)
285 Brunswick St.
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
#: (03) 9416-2238
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